“ It was still late summer elsewhere, but here, high in Appalachia, fall was coming; for the last three mornings, she’d been able to see her breath. The woods, which started twenty feet back from her backdoor like a solid wall, showed only hints of the impending autumn. A few leaves near the treetops had turned, but most were full and green. Visible in the distance, the Widow’s Tree towered above the forest. Its leaves were the most stubborn, tenaciously holding on sometimes until spring if the winter was mild. It was a transitional period, when the world changed its cycle and opened a window during which people might also change, if they had the inclination. ”

—    Alex Bledsoe
Women of Appalachia: Annual event seeking art, stories from local women

nekaro: Took my first trip to Appalachia yesterday! Being born and raised in Kentucky I've always identified as being from Appalachia, but I'm from western Ky. We visited the Natural Bridge and the Nada Tunnel. It was breathtaking! Since we had about a 4 hour drive back home, we didn't get a chance to see too much, but a return (more planned!) trip is already in the works. I thought about your Tumblr while I was there! :)

Thank you for thinking of me! Your trip sounds so lovely. If you took any photos I’d love to see them! I hope you do get to come back soon. Spend a weekend in the hills or mountains right when the leaves start changing color. You won’t regret it :)